Friday, April 13, 2012

All Around and About yet , Here and There

I have been travelling and sewing and sewing and travelling. I have been in New York shopping for fabric, sewing for a client in Maryland, in North Carolina partying and have sewn up dresses for myself and have just gotten around to post.  I have also bought some shoes for the spring time and partying.
I won a Moods Fabric gift card from Sew Much Talent a few months a go and I have just gotten around to using it.  I found two fabrics after much contemplation and temptation.
I am in to designer fashion over the years have not been a fanatic about buying designer fabrics. Mostly due to cost and location of stores that carry them. I have travelled to Chicago and to the Vogue fabric store and to Fishman’s fabric store mentioned on The Mahogany’s Stylist blog.  Living I the Northeast the stores on Fabric row in Philly on 4th Street do carry designer fabrics but I am not one to plunk down $45 dollars or more  a yard for fabric based on a name even if it is gorgeous for myself.
So I got ¾ of a yard of the Missoni knit to make a skirt or a top.

 I do love the Missoni  prints and the simplicity of the clothing by Missoni


Then I found this luxurious feeling Italian rayon knit and being that I like bold prints I had to have this. It has a lot of the fashion forward colors for the spring in it. I got 1.50 yards. I will make a maxi dress.

I also dropped into Spandex House and bought the last of this brown and beige animal print.


Friday, March 23, 2012

The 70’s 80’s and 90’s party

I like to party with my Peeps in the Northeast or the DMV or Aruba  but mostly I like to dance and have good clean fun. I also like theme parties.
Being born in the 70’s I really liked the fashions from back then.  I even like some of the vintage patterns which I have not sewn but I do peruse some vintage pattern sites and Etsy stores and have jotted down some pattern numbers of dresses I would make.  I do own some vintage patterns I got from my dear mother because she collected a stash of fabrics as I was growing up and did not purge them.

I got this invite and a request to make an 80’s outfit I said cool. Now living in the 80’s I remember what I wore but I am a colorful person and I like the 70’s colors and cool easy style lines.  I also hopped over to the blog of Mocha Style because I remembered she went to a 70's party so I had to check out their get ups and pics.
I made Lady D’s outfit from pink knit I had in my stash and the blue knit is suppose to be faux denim but I had to remind her and myself that this is a costume for a party so let’s not break the bank buying denim but have fun with  this.
We perused pictures on Google and I drafted out a quick pattern and got to work.  Here was the inspiration

Here is Lady D
Here was my inspiration and styles I like

The baby born in the 70’s rockin a 70’s inspired out fit. But not this short but my kind of short.

The fabric is from my stash:1.5 yards printed ITY knit, red boots from the thrift store, earrings I already had,  my hair done up.  The pattern I used was OOP Mcall's 5484. I cut the back of the dress twice modified it to make the V front because I didn't have enough fabric to make the twist.

Had a great time. Peace!

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Double Agent Dress Take 2

I happened to come across this cool dress on the blog of Oonaballona  and I made a note to myself to make this dress because it is so versatile.  You can wear it many ways.  She gives great instructions and I had some stretchy knit would use

Here is her Double agent dress  and now mine. Sorry I was so excited once I started changing the dress not to mentionthat it ws 130 am so sorry for no jewelry and makeup or accessories but that is what double agencts do, make it work. ..

I will definitly be making this dress in a different color and may color block it. It can be long or short like a maxi dress, the design options are up to you and the fabric can be a print or solid.

So do you have a double agent side of you?