Friday, April 13, 2012

All Around and About yet , Here and There

I have been travelling and sewing and sewing and travelling. I have been in New York shopping for fabric, sewing for a client in Maryland, in North Carolina partying and have sewn up dresses for myself and have just gotten around to post.  I have also bought some shoes for the spring time and partying.
I won a Moods Fabric gift card from Sew Much Talent a few months a go and I have just gotten around to using it.  I found two fabrics after much contemplation and temptation.
I am in to designer fashion over the years have not been a fanatic about buying designer fabrics. Mostly due to cost and location of stores that carry them. I have travelled to Chicago and to the Vogue fabric store and to Fishman’s fabric store mentioned on The Mahogany’s Stylist blog.  Living I the Northeast the stores on Fabric row in Philly on 4th Street do carry designer fabrics but I am not one to plunk down $45 dollars or more  a yard for fabric based on a name even if it is gorgeous for myself.
So I got ¾ of a yard of the Missoni knit to make a skirt or a top.

 I do love the Missoni  prints and the simplicity of the clothing by Missoni


Then I found this luxurious feeling Italian rayon knit and being that I like bold prints I had to have this. It has a lot of the fashion forward colors for the spring in it. I got 1.50 yards. I will make a maxi dress.

I also dropped into Spandex House and bought the last of this brown and beige animal print.



  1. You sure found some beautiful fabrics. Love the prints and the plans that you have for them.

  2. I love ur blogs, i also love the fabric that u are going to make the maxi dress out of. I hope that you post it when its done